Ruff Adventure Pack

Ruff Adventure Pack

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This ultimate adventure pack includes:

  • The Back Country rescue harness for medium-sized dogs (40-85 lbs) with optional shoulder pads

  • 6 ft de-constructible Paracord Leash

  • 3 RUFF BARs

  • Organic Paw Balm (3 oz)

  • Canine first-aid Kit

The Back Country: Finally, a rescue harness that’s ergonomic for both you and your canine!


  • Fits dogs 40-85 lbs

  • Builds around tired or injured dogs to avoid further harm

  • Just 10 oz in stuff sack

  • Includes a mini canine first aid kit

Paracord Leash: This 6 ft dog leash is crafted from 50 ft of reflective 550 lb paracord and is adjustable to fit dogs of all sizes.

This leash can be broken down and re-constructed allowing for endless possibilities including:

  • Tying a dog up in camp

  • Hanging a hammock or gear/food bag

  • Cutting pieces off for emergency use

RUFF BARs: These dog treats are made with grass fed, no antibiotic and no hormone beef and organic ingredients. Every bar is handmade in Clearview Washington without preservatives.

Organic Paw Balm: Protect your pup’s paws from harsh outdoor elements (like snow, ice, salt, and desert rock) and soothe dry, cracked pads with organic, safe-to-lick paw wax! Every batch is handcrafted in Portland, OR with healing Oregon beeswax and human-grade, organic ingredients.

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I absolutely love that I know I can safely transport my dogs in the event of injury or emergency!
— @cricketinthethicket