Ruff Adventure Pack (for Medium-Sized Dogs) | $155+ Value

Ruff Adventure Pack (for Medium-Sized Dogs) | $155+ Value

from 129.00

This ultimate adventure pack includes:

  • The Back Country rescue harness for medium-sized dogs (40-85 lbs) with optional shoulder pads

  • 6ft. de-constructible paracord leash

  • 3 RUFF BARs

  • X-treme Organics Paw Balm (14 grams)

  • Canine first-aid Kit

The Back Country | Harness for Medium-Sized Dogs

This ultra light-weight harness ergonomically carries medium-sized dogs between 40-85 lbs and is built with the highest quality outdoor materials.

Weighing only 10 oz and folding down to just larger than a water bottle, this harness easily disappears in your pack or jacket pocket until needed.

A must for  hikers, campers, trail runners, and day trippers — each kit includes a mini first aid kit for dogs.

Add optional 2 oz shoulder pads to increased carrying comfort for $10.


Paracord Leash | Fits Dogs of All Sizes

Our 6 ft. dog leash is crafted from 50 ft. of reflective 550 lb paracord and is adjustable to fit dogs of all sizes.

It’s climbing grade carabiner can easily be removed for use without breaking down leash.

What makes our leash different? It can be broken down in around a minute and re-constructed in under 10 minutes! Instructions included with every order.

The possibilities are endless, here are just a few:

  • Tie a dog up in camp

  • Hang a hammock or gear/food bag

  • Cut pieces off for emergency use



Most dog snacks or on-the-go meals on the market today are heavily based on cheap fillers, but RUFF BARs use only grass fed-no antibiotic-no hormone beef and organic ingredients and no preservatives.

Dogs are natural carnivores so don’t compromise. Give them the very best with RUFF BARs. Every bar is hand made in Clearview Washington.

X-treme Organics Paw Balm

Create a soothing year-round protection for sensitive paws, noses, and ear tips with this food safe balm. Apply before and after exposure to heat, cold, snow, ice salt, and rough terrain.

Shove a paw right in the tin or scoop some out to apply to bites and scratches!

This 99% certified organic balm is made with Jojoba seed oil, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, calendula extract, cocoa butter, vitamin E, lavender oil, German chamomile flower oil, and Roman chamomile flower oil.

Canine First Aid Kit

A must for  hikers, campers, trail runners, and day trippers — this mini first aid kit for dogs is super lightweight and contains all the necessities.


  • Tweezers (1)

  • Rubber Gloves (2) - can be used to wrap paws

  • Antihistamine 180 mg - use 1 mg/lb of dog

  • Triple Antibiotic (1)

  • 2x2 Gauze Pad (1)

  • Antiseptic Pads (2)

  • 2x4 Bandage (1)

  • Bandaids (2)

  • 1 Meter of Waterproof Tape (1)


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