CBD for Dogs

By now, most people are aware of the amazing benefits of hemp-based CBD oil for dogs, including alleviating anxiety, anti-inflammation, and aggression,

But you might not know where to buy CBD oil that’s safe for your 4-legged friend.

Neither did we. So we sought out to find a CBD oil with the best value; easiest delivery for canines; highest-quality ingredients; and greatest absorption.

We found Purium, which offers CO2 extracted, non-GMO and organic CBD oil without any artificial ingredients. Less than .3% TCH means there are no psychoactive properties and it’s safe for both humans and animals. 

Since we believe in the brand, we’ve partnered with Purium to provide a discount to our Ruff Rescue Gear family.

Use discount code rescue when you shop cbdinme.com.

First bottle is $79 + free shipping | Future orders are 25% off


Tests have found that CBD dog treats cause poor CBD absorption in the bloodstream because of how they are metabolized.

The best way for dogs to absorb CBD is through oral application of CBD infused oil, which is another reason we love Purium’s products.

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Source: PranaPets.com

Source: PranaPets.com