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Pup Traveler

Unlike traditional small dog carriers, Pup Traveler is ergonomic for both you and your pup. IVDD Safe.


  • Fits dogs up to 25 lbs

  • On/off in less than 30 seconds

  • Just 12 oz in stuff sack

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The Back Country

Finally, a rescue harness that’s ergonomic for both you and your canine!


  • Fits dogs 40-85 lbs

  • Builds around tired or injured dogs to avoid further harm

  • Just 10 oz in stuff sack

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Adventure Packs

Select from our adventure packs based on your dog’s size. Each pack includes:

  • Ergonomic Carrier

  • Paracord Leash

  • 3 Ruff BARs

  • Organic Paw Balm

  • Canine First-Aid Kit

Crafted in Colorado for rugged durability.



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Really Easy to Use

“I absolutely love that I know I can safely transport my dogs in the event of injury or emergency!

I have both The Back Country and Pup Traveler and they’re really easy to use!”


Good for Airport Travel

Pup Traveler makes airport travel with my dog a breeze! The harness is easy to wear, lightweight, and supports my small dog so I can be hands-free.

I’ve used Pup Traveler at the airport, on the train, and while hiking.

I recommend it for anyone that wants an easy way to comfortably transport your pup!” — @joco2584


Peace of Mind

The Back Country gives me so much more confidence knowing that I can safely transport my dog if he ever gets injured while hiking.

He's 55 lbs of squirming husky, so having a secure carrier will make a big difference! I'm hoping we never have to use the rescue harness, but I'm glad we have it if we need it.” — James

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